Friday, March 16, 2018

Snow-tree silhouette at the Nevada Museum of Art

Black-and white: snow-covered trees and bushes at NMA (March 16, 2018)
With the last winter weekend approaching, Reno got about a foot of wet snow. This snow has a tendency to stick on roof tops and trees. Occasionally a load of white stuff is slipping off and joins the white carpet on the ground. A great day to take pictures of snow sculptures like the one above at the Nevada Museum of Art (NMA). The exterior wall of the museum—composed of black, zinc-based material—gives the perfect background to contrast snow-white structures in front.

Getting curious what to see at the interior walls?

If you like snow art, you will find paintings of ice and snow landscapes inside the museum. Hans Meyer-Kassel (1872-1952)—with an impressive selection of his art currently exhibited—not only captured the snowy landscapes of northwestern Nevada, but also floating ice in the Arctic Ocean and glacial sceneries of remote Spitzbergen, Norway.