Sunday, February 2, 2014

Carve Tahoe, an international snow sculpture event at the Northstar Tahoe Resort

Head in "The First Killer Whale" snow sculpture

Carve Tahoe returned to Northstar California this year (January 31st through February 2). February 1 was an excellent day to see all eight snow sculptures, just finished and slowly starting to melt under the blue sunny sky at this Sierra Nevada skiing resort between Truckee and Lake Tahoe. 

Fish at bottom of  "The Fish Eaters" snow sculpture
Eight teams from around the world came to take part in this international snow sculpture event, at which they created—by use of hand tools—inspiring sculptures out of 20-ton blocks of snow. Here are the diverse creations of the teams:

"Battle" snow sculpture
The snow artists put tales, ideas, abstractions and thoughts into amazing structures of the white stuff. Reflecting in the sunshine, the sculptures were circled and pictured by visitors, knowing that the snowy masterpieces will not last for very long.
The official website of the Carve Tahoe event: Keep exploring Reno-Tahoe!

"Reflection" snow sculpture

"Dream Telescope" snow sculpture

"Beer & Wine" snow sculpture

"The Fish Eaters" snow sculpture